Mayfield Manufacturing LLC
Wall panels at their finest
General Manager Kent Namken
Wall Panel Designer Keith Namken
Wall Panel Estimator Kevin Glanzer
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about our company.

Mayfield Manufacturing Materials LLC. and Mayfield Truss LLC. are located in northeast South Dakota.
We are approximately four hours (200 miles) west of Minneapolis, MN or 2 hours (100 miles) north of Sioux Falls, SD.
At present time we have 81,800 sqft. of floor space.

M.M.M is owned by a private group Mayfield Hutterian Brethren whom comprises our labor force. Every person working in the
shop owns an equal share of this business, there is no majority owner.They have understood since we built our first project that
if our product is not on time ,and of the best quality we would not succeed. The only people that do not own a share of the
business is myself and the office staff. With our quality being what it is , I feel confident in telling you  I am the  only salesman.
As I am sure you know a good product delivered  on time can sell itself , in fact it does. We have many referrals and our same
steady customers.

We offer a full component package.  Our products include wallpanels, floor and roof trusses, field framers and loose
lumber packages.  The geographical range we cover consistently has been North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa
Nebraska, Wisconsin and Illinois. We have shipped as far as Idaho, Texas and Connecticut.

Mayfield would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on any of your wood framed projects.  Please place us on your bidders list .
I would like to thank you for taking this time you have spent with us.  Please call or e-mail with any further questions or comments.

P.S.  If you are one of those avid pheasant, deer, goose or duck hunters, Mayfield owns 4500 Acres and provides customer
appreciation hunts to our clients.

Customer Hunting  Photos